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Spirit Connection

Ancestral inherited ability to see and communicate with spirits and other beings

Psychic Readings

Intuitive guidance and insight through psychic readings and spirit channeling

Past Lives

Past life readings through psychic insight for immediate and mirror-like connections to the present life.


Guided meditation through ritual and ASMR hypnotherapy

Earth Magic

Heirloom magic and connection through Mother Earth, her plants, seasons, and cycles.

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Psychic & Spiritual Advisor

Sarah C LaBrie

With over a decade of spiritual coaching practice and a lifetime of psychic experience, Sarah C LaBrie​ has taken the best tools, tips, and advice and put them together to give you the most potent content and support.

With a wonderful twist on holistic & spiritual life coaching, Sarah adds her gifts as a generational psychic to bring in wisdom beyond this realm and connect with you intuitively for the deepest healing, growth, and success.

Connect easily and quickly from the comfort of your home.

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Botanical Witchery

Just in time for the holidays!

This beautiful vintage style set of 54 cards will fill your life with the magic of herbs, trees, and flowers that are right in your backyard!

Explore the Latin Names, Folk Names, Deities, Magical Properties, & Medicinal Purposes of each plant.

Pair with or without the 300+ page book 

Botanical Witchery, An Herbal Guide for the Modern Witch. 

By Sarah C LaBrie

Botanical Witchery
Botanical Witchery

Botanical Witchery
Botanical Witchery

Botanical Witchery
Botanical Witchery

Botanical Witchery
Botanical Witchery

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Discover Your Past Life with
Past Life Regression Specialist
Sarah C LaBrie


Have you ever wondered who you were

in a past life?

With past life regression, you can find out your past life with an in-depth, online psychic and past life reading.

Discover your past life era, location, family, and more! See how your past life connects with your current life, where deep seeded fears have come from, and discover your meaning in life through your soul life path.

Connect today with psychic and past life regression specialist, Sarah C LaBrie to dive deep into your past life and see how it connects with your present life and your future! They are more connected than you could ever imagine!

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Ready for a Past Life Reading?

with Past Life Specialist Sarah C LaBrie
Discover Your Past Life

Discover Your Past Life

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