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Meet Your Spiritual Advisor & Psychic Medium
Sarah C LaBrie


With over a decade of spiritual coaching practice and a lifetime of psychic experience, Sarah C LaBrie​ has taken the best tools, tips, and advice and put them together to give you the most potent content and support.

Find spiritual support, guidance, and growth through unique paths of past life regression, psychic readings, intuitive healing, and spiritual developement.


With a wonderful twist on holistic & spiritual life coaching, Sarah adds her gifts as a generational psychic to bring in wisdom beyond this realm and connect with you intuitively for the deepest healing, growth, and success.

Connect easily and quickly from the comfort of your home.

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Discover Your Past Life with Past Life Regression Specialist
Sarah C LaBrie


Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life?

With past life regression, you can find out your past life with an indepth, online psychic and past life reading.

Discover your past life era, location, famiy, and more! See how your past life connects with your current life, where deep seeded fears have come from, and discover your meaning in life through your soul life path.

Connect today with psychic and past life regresion specialist, Sarah C LaBrie to dive deep into your past life and see how it connects with your present life and your future! They are more connected than you could ever imagine!

What am I currently reading?

The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie

This book is a collection of once secret and hidden information on alchemy, rituals, ceremonies, magic, and more. If ever there was just one book to not only have it all, but to be the real deal....this is it!

The info collected in these pages were once only allowed to the eyes and ears of secret societies around the world.

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