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Sarah C LaBrie

Sarah grew up, deep in the mountains of Northern Vermont.

She is a generational witch and psychic, who was raised within and around a wide variety of spiritual gifts and deeply connected to Mother Earth and all her plants.

Her entire life, she has been ale to see spirits and connect with beings on this realm and others. She would be visited almost nightly as a child, by different entities.

As she grew older, Sarah's gift grew as well, and her ability to tap even deeper into the spiritual realm, became more and more defined.

As some gifts came and went, she was able to pick and choose the ones she loved the most.

The Time Traveler

Spirit Connection

Ancestral inherited ability to see and communicate with spirits and other beings

Psychic Readings

Intuitive guidance and insight through psychic readings and spirit channeling


Past Lives

The ability to see into and experience the past lives of people around the world


Guided meditation through ritual and ASMR hypnotherapy

Earth Magic

Heirloom magic and connection through Mother Earth, her plants, seasons, and cycles.

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Mother. Traveler. Healer.

Today, Sarah makes sure those gifts stay active and focused in her life and family, as she raises a son in the same spiritual realms. Watching as new and wonderful gifts develop within the household.

Sarah has been doing psychic readings and past life regression since a young teen. Moving into move "professional" positions as a psychic and medium, around the world for paranormal teams, groups, and events, and has worked for large companies like Best American Psychics and Kasamaba Psychic Advisors.

As a full time mother, who's dream it is to share the world with her son, Sarah works from home doing online readings, healings, and meditations to clients around the world.
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I am proud to wear the titles

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Certified Neuro-linguistic Programmer

Holistic Healer

Herbal Medicine


Licensed Massage Therapist

Past Life Regression Specialist


Shamanic Study

Psychic Advisor 

Reiki III Practitioner

​These tools and knowledge have empowered me and given me the freedom to travel the world with my son, as we explore and learn new things together, while creating priceless, life long  memories.

​When you work hand in hand with me, I help you achieve your goals through intuitive insight and guidance, no matter what they may be.