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Illuminate Your Life

It is time to step out of the shadows of fear and into the light of change and transformation!
Join me with in depth, powerful, and personal illumination as we shift your old reality into a bright and better one.
Every one on one Alchemy session is power packed & 100% customized to your goals.

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It's Your Turn

If there is one thing that I've learned throughout my journey of healing (both myself and others) it is this.

Every Journey is 100% Unique!

When you work with Sarah, your journey is customized from the ground up with the guidance of your very own spirit guides. 

It Doesn't Get More Personal Than This!

Let's explore the best way to create magick in your life together through the discovery of:
Past Life Regression
Ancestral Wisdom & Guidance
Intuitive Healing
and so much more!

Where Will Your Journey Lead You?

Enjoy These Benefits

  • 100% Customized 1 on 1 sessions via skype/zoom/phone. Each call is 60 minutes.

  • You will (re)learn how to Take Control of your life again.

  • Heal from past traumas, cycles, and patterns to disintegrate blocks that are holding you back.

  • Find Meaning & Purpose in your soul path with clarity for direction to an enhanced and more meaningful life.

  • Spiritual Guided Meditations to enhance your psychic gifts, heighten your vibrations, & bring clarity to your journey.

  • EFT (Tapping) techniques to shift your conscious and subconscious programing on a deeper level.

  • FREE in every Alchemy package, includes weekly Reiki Distance Healing sessions.

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Bonus Gift

When you sign up for an Alchemy Package, you will receive weekly Reiki Distance Healing to match the package you choose.

$111 value per session

Reiki Distance Healing & Alchemy Packages

1x Reiki Session with Single 1 on 1 Alchemy

4x Reiki Sessions with 1 Month Alchemy

12x Reiki Sessions with 3 Month Alchemy

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Payment Plans Available Upon Request