Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to certain locations, eras, people, or experiences? Discover how deeply your past life is connected to your present life and how we can create a future of success.


Enjoy a relaxing guided meditation/hypnosis session as you are taken through the journey of a past life you once lived.

Relax. Breathe. Experience.

Ancestral Connection

Your ancestors from your past lives are still with you and guiding you today. Connect with their ancient wisdom and insight.

Self Discovery

Our past lives often mirror our current lives. Re-discover who you were for clarity on who you are meant to be today and who you are born to be tomorrow.

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Connect Past, Present, & Future

Discover how to past shapes your present life. Bringing healing, awareness, and guidance from your past can create a better present life and more successful future. 

What People Say


Aliison Hazeltine

"Knowing my past life has completely changed me. I am so thankful to have discovered my life path".

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Grant Wilson

Sarah LaBrie is "Fantastic"!

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Atom Freeman

“In life we often forget the timeless journey we have endured to get where we find ourselves. Sarah’s ability to help me discover my roots opened up an entirely new world, and I’m eternally grateful”.



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I'm Sarah! I am a generational psychic and past life specialist who has studied and practiced different avenues of guided meditations and hypnotherapy.


Bringing deep healing, insight, and guidance into the lives of people around the world through past life regression for over 2 decades.

Join me in this unique experience as you are guided into the many layers of one of your past lives.

Meet & Greet

Intro to hypnosis with fun examples

60 Minutes of past life regression

through guided meditation and hypnosis.

Share your experience (if you wish)

Open Q&A