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Must Read!​ A book so sacred, it was once a secret to the world.
The information in this book was once shared only in secret societies around the world.
If you are looking for a book filled with real magic and life changing rituals, meditations, and practices, this is it.
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2020 Challenge...READ MORE BOOKS!

Did you know that only 24% of adults will read a single book this entire year? (Income average $50,000 per year).

Did you know that 85% of self made millionaires read an average of 1-2 books PER MONTH?

Think there is a connection? Well there is. Reading books...especially screen free....actual paper books...increases your intelligence. Even if you are reading fantasy books, your brain rewires it's thinking and creativeness differently, and that rewiring flows into your personal and work life.

Reading books has a MASSIVE connection to our success in life.

I challenge you to read more this coming year!

Start making a book list, and goals to finish each book by. Also, take note of your income total BEFORE you begin this challenge and again at the end of next year.

Here is my list, for you.

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What am I currently reading?

The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie

This book is a collection of once secret and hidden information on alchemy, rituals, ceremonies, magic, and more. If ever there was just one book to not only have it all, but to be the real deal....this is it!

The info collected in these pages were once only allowed to the eyes and ears of secret societies around the world.