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22, 23, & 24 August 2022

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Past Life Regression

Healing Ancestral & Past Life Traumas

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You contain the love and wisdom of thousands of lives.

How can this help me?

Whatever you are going through now...you have gone through already before. By tapping into your experiences, you can find the answers of what already worked and didn't work for your success, growth, and knowledge.

Can I really awaken old gifts and wisdom?

YES! In past lifetimes, the world was much deeper connected with their spiritual gifts and wisdom. If you were a shaman or a healer in a past life, you can reawaken those gifts in this lifetime, as they are still dormant in your energy signature.

How will this affect my future?

When you tap into ancient wisdom and your natural spiritual gifts, you step into a higher vibration of your truest form. These gifts of knowledge, healing, and power can greatly improve success in your life in endless ways, as well as ensuring healed and powerful future generations and lifetimes.



Our past lives play a deep and connected role in our lives today.

Does everyone have a past life?

YES! Our spirit bodies are as old as time itself and we have cycled through many lifetimes, not just here on this planet and dimension, but on endless others as well.

Why should I know my past lives?

Discovering your past lives can help you see the bigger picture of who you are as a whole. Think of each lifetime as a puzzle piece to a grand picture of your sacred story. 

Knowing your past lives can bring clarity on your soul path and meaning of life.

Do my past lives affect me today?

YES! Just as it has been proven that our bodies contain memory DNA from our distant ancestors, it also contains the memory and experiences of our distant lifetimes. This can be both negative and positive, as we hold onto the traumas of past experiences, as well as the wisdom and gifts of those lifetimes.

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You are healing lineages and lifetimes.

Why heal a life I am no longer living?

Past experiences and emotions can be trapped in our energy signature from both past lives and ancestral lives. These trapped experiences become the building blocks of our subconscious mind and actions. By releasing these traumas, we are able to step into healthier, happier, and more successful lives.

Will this healing only affect me?

Not only will this healing positively affect you, it will also be breaking generational and past life traumas for everyone in your lineage....past, present, and future.

How does the healing process work?

By tapping into the subconscious mind through different techniques, we can access all realms, dimensions, generations, and lifetimes of experiences. Much like accessing the Akashic Records, your own mind contains everything you and your energy signature has have ever connected with. Through this, we can bring powerful multi dimensional healing.

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Meet Your Host


Welcome Beautiful!

I am a generation psychic who grew up in the mountains of Vermont in New England.

I was raised a nourishing my spiritual gifts of mediumship, psychic intuition, and the ability to see into people's past lives. I am a certified past life regression hypnotherapist, to help deeper the experience of those seeking connection.

I have spent my life living within my gifts and sharing them with the world in any way that I can. 

I host a private group of women, Goddess Gathering where we tap into different aspects of our past lives, ever month!

I look forward to sharing my love of the multi dimensional worlds within and around you as we dive deep into the powerful healing and wisdom of connecting with our past lives.

Goddess Gathering

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