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"It is time Sisters! Let us remember our magick!"

Healing the Witch Wound

When we heal the witch wound, we heal our ancestral lines of past and future! Bring deep healing through past life regression.

Tap into Your Magick

Tap into your magick as we activate your third eye, super boot your vibrations, and remember who you are! Powerful tapping, meditations, and rituals.

Calling the Ancestors

Your ancestors from your past lives are still with you and guiding you today. Connect with their ancient wisdom, protection, and insight as you call forth your ancestral spirit guides.

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Connect Past, Present, & Future

Discover how to past shapes your present life. Bringing healing, awareness, and guidance from your past can create a better present life and more successful future. 

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You have heard the call and you are awake and vibrating with energy, ready to step fully into your magick and ancestral powers of old!

Follow the whispers...the screams of your guides and tap into the Witchy Goddess that you are.

This 9 session power course will heal the witch wound within, while connecting to ancient and powerful bloodlines as we heal the past and the future.

Activating your third eye, your magick power, your manifesting gold, and become the activated Goddess this world needs.

Goddess Activation

Ancient Wisdom, Alchemy, & Magic

9 Sessions

Healing the Witch Wounds

Past Life Regression Trauma Healing Guided Meditation

Tapping into Healed Witch Wounds

Past Life Reading with Sarah C LaBrie


Magic Activation

Tapping into Your Power

Third Eye Activation Guided Meditation

Reiki Distance Healing Session


Ancestral Connection

Wake the Goddess Within Guided Meditation

Ancestral Guide “Calling Forth” Ritual & Ceremony

Psychic Reading + Ancestral Spirit Guides