Focused Mind

A journey of shifting your subconscious blocks around health, weight, and stress. Lose weight without diets and time consuming exercise! 

A nine (9) transformational session package!


When nothing on the outside works, it's time to look inside.

Subconscious Roots

Get to the bottom of what is causing your weight gain, stress levels, and lowered health. Remove subconscious blocks that are keeping you back from reach your health goals.

Healing Alchemy

Shift your reality from a deep spiritual and subconscious level with hypnotherapy techniques and unique guided meditations.

Create better health & weight loss while decreasing stress levels & removing anxiety.


As depression decreases, motivation increases! Shift your conscious mind in powerful ways that will altar not physical and mental health.

Spilling Sand

Losing weight isn't always about the best diets and the hardest work outs. Sometimes, these can have little to no effect on us.


In 2020, I was at the heaviest I have ever weighed in my life due to depression. No matter how many diets, fasting techniques, work outs, or personal trainers I tried...NOTHING worked. I remembered that sometimes it's not the external things that need to shift...but the INTERNAL things.


I used these very same methods on myself and dropped 30+lbs in just a few months! No diets, no food restrictions, no works out...just getting to the root of my issues and shifting the energy.

Illumination | Health & Happiness

Changes without the workouts & diets

9 Sessions

Shattering Subconscious Sabotages

Regression to Finding the Root Cause

Breaking Subconscious Blocks & Sabotages

Tapping out Self Sabotaging Cycles


Removing Restrictions

Shift Stress into Motivation

Release Anxiety & Replace Self Confidence

Affirmations for Goddess Mindset


Health Alchemy

Lose Weight & Feel Great

Increased Energy & Motivation

Tapping into Love Yourself, Your Body, & Your Health Success


Quit Drinking Alcohol to Lose Weight

Stop Snacking to Lose Weight

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