Holistic Life Coaching

Create Your Dream Life

with certified holistic life coach​ Sarah C LaBrie

What is a Holistic Life Coach?
A holistic life coach, is someone who helps you (re)connect with your higher self, your dreams, and your goals, by clearing away old belief systems blocks, and confusion within "self", for a clear pathway to open up and allow the flow of abundance, love, and holistic healing so you are living the life of your highest dreams, desires.


Who Will Benefit From a Holistic Life Coach?
​Anyone who is ready for a meaningful and proactive life.
Anyone who is tired of struggling and is ready for an abundance of prosperity & freedom.
Anyone who is feeling lost or alone but ready to find your life purpose and tribe.​

​Anyone who desires a life of freedom to travel.

​Anyone who can benefit from having more spare time.

Anyone looking to develop their natural born gifts and intuition.

Anyone seeking healing of the mind, body, or soul.​


Health & Wellness Coaching
Small Business Coaching

Relationship Coaching​

Personal Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Confidence Coaching

Spiritual Coaching Retreats

One On One

Personal one on one interaction and holistic life coaching via phone, skype, or in person.

Dream Life Outline

Personalised achievement plan for your exact goals and dreams in a detailed life outline.

21 Days Challenge

Your first coaching session will include the 21 Days Challenge. A powerful life changing tool, yours for free!

(£99 Value)


Nothing is more exciting than seeing success and forward momentum flow into your life. 
Here, we make that happen.

What's Included?

Empowering eCourse

​Journey Begins

Create and Abundance of Prosperity

Stepping Outside of Fear

(re)Connecting to Source

Destroying Old Beliefs

Igniting The Fire Within

Personalized Discovery for Success

Spiritual life coaching sessions with your certified life coach, Sarah C LaBrie. 

One on One Call

1 hour sessions will take place via skype/phone/chat/email.

Which ever works best for you!

Custom Goal Outline


In these sessions we will nail down your exact goals, and explore and create ways to meet those goals within the 6 month time period.

This outline will help break things up into easy to tackle tasks, for the fastest and most potent goal hitting success.