Green Goddess Soup | Keto | Vegan | Easy | Delicious

During a desperate fast to lose an embarrassing large amount of "COVID weight", I dove into a strict water detox for 3 days. My goal was to push further but the hunger pains were killer. I knew I was going to cave but I wanted to at least stick to a super healthy option that could please my hunger, be easy to digest, and be top healthy foods!

I frantically searched through my very bare kitchen and found the following ingredients.

1/2 Onion

4 to 6 Large Cloves of Garlic ( I 💜 garlic)

1 Green Bell Pepper

1 Large Head of Broccoli

GF Organic Veggi Broth Seasoning

This should work....

I sliced and sauted the onion and garlic in EVOO until soft and golden.

Added the sliced bell pepper and cooked with the lid on the pot until soft.

Added the broccoli and seasoning.

Covered with water just BEFORE the top of the food in the pot.

* Water level BELOW the food level makes for a thick soup.

* Water level ABOVE the food level makes for a thin soup.

Covered and cooked until everything was squishy.

Poured into a blender and blended until creamy smooth.

O.M.G. I have made this soup 6 more times in the last month because it is to die for, delicious!

Healthy. Easy. Keto. Vegan. Gluten Free.

A must for your healthy venture!

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