What is a Past Life?

Past Life Regression. What is a Past Life? Discover a Past Life.

What is a Past Life?

A past life is a life that you have lived before your current & present life.

How do you know if you've ever had a past life?

We have all lived past lives. Either in this realm and world, or others. Our souls are infinate. There is no beginning and no end to them. They cycle throughout each lifetime, no matter if we remember them or not.

How do you remember your past life?

A past life psychic reading is a great way to tap into one of your past lives. You will connect with a psychic who then steps into your past life, as if watching a movie before their eyes. As the psychic explains to you in great detail abotu your past life, you will immediately begin to see how all our lives are mirror like connected and similar. 

Why should you remember your past life?

Remembering a past life has endless benefits. 

From the super simple entertainment side, if just wanting to know who you were and where you lived in a past life. Perhaps you've always been drawn to a certain era or location? This is a hint into one of your past lives. To the deeper side of discovering a past life.

Perhaps you've always had a certain fear and you've never been able to find the source? For example, one woman had a crippling fear of anything around her neck. Such a fear, that she could not even wear a delicate necklace. Wanting to find the root of this fear, we discovered that in a past life, she was hung (rope around her neck). Discovering this root, we were able to bring healing and for the first time in her life, she can now wear necklaces!

Another reason, maybe you have a hard time trusting people or being close to people, but have not found a root source within this lifetime. In one past life reading, a man went off to battle, leaving his family in the care of his best friend. While he was gone, horrible things happened to his family, and they died. From this moment, he lost all trust in people. Being able to connect with this memory, he was able to forgive himself, for the mistake he thought he made, as well as forgiving the "friend", and forgiving his family for the pain that was caused. This of course is a very deep and painful example, but it happens more than we think :( But with this session, SO MUCH healing was created for this man to move forward in his present life and feel trust again.

Or more "tame", one woman felt super connected to the Victorian era in England, even though she had never been in her life. Through a past life reading, she was able to see a detailed explaination of who she was and the wonderful life that she lived during that time. The reading brought back amazing memories to her and such a love for that life, that she booked a flight and went to visit England to feel that wonderful connection again! She says it was the most magical and surreal time of her life.

Another woman had a connection to Mexico. In a past life, her and her husband (soul mate, who was also her husband in her past life), were Maya, living in Mexico. Several years later, they began to travel there with plans to retire. Now 12 years, living in Mexico, this woman is happier than she has ever been and feels so connected to the culture around her.

Every past life is unique

Each and every past life, is so different and unique. Yet they are all connected with our current lives.

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