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A generational born psychic, Sarah C LaBrie has a lifetime of experience connecting to the many layers of realms around us. Connect on the path of your future or discover a past life for deep healing, guidance, and insight.

Are your ancestral or spirit guides trying to reach you? Are you feeling lost, needing guidance & insight?

Are you wanting to discover your past life?

No matter if it's love, money, life, a passed loved one...

Psychic Sarah C LaBrie, is ready for all your questions.

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Discover Your Past Life

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Discover Your Past Life with Past Life Regression Specialist
Sarah C LaBrie


How can knowing a past life, help in a current life?

A woman, had a fear of anything around her neck, to the point that she couldn't not even wear a necklace. During a past life reading, it came to light that she was hung. Through this reading, we were able to bring awareness, acknowledgement, and forgiveness to the situation. She was able to heal from this fear, and wear necklaces for the first time in her life!

A man had felt like he was living in the wrong era. He felt stuck and couldn't figure out how to move forward in his life. Connecting with his past life in the Viking era, he was able to remember so many wonderful things and bring closure to that life. It was such a beautiful life, that he wasn't ready to let go of it. But remembering it, really helped him to push forward in this life and start to create the same happiness, he had in his past life as a Viking.

These are just two of thousands of different stories. How can a past life reading help you? Connect today with psychic and past life regression specialist, Sarah C LaBrie to dive deep into your past life and see how it connects with your present life and your future! They are more connected than you could ever imagine!

Sarah LaBrie is "Fantastic"

- Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters

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