Your Inner Witch

Reconnecting to Your Inner Witch

Witch. A powerful word with so much meaning...and judgement behind. But let's look past the misunderstood judgement and see this beautiful word for what it is.

Witch is a word that describes the power of femininity and strength. A connection to your own cycles and energies and the connections between the cycles and energies of our Mother Earth and Sister Moon.

It is a feeling of being more at home in the seasons of nature, and more alive under the light of the stars.

When we connect with our inner Witch, we find completion within ourselves and through the completion, we find our magick.

No matter if you're a baby witch or a seasoned witch, you will find power, connection, and understanding in this course. Each magick filled chapter will bring you deeper into your truest form and more potent in the world of magick.

Lesson chapters and more info below!

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The physical and magickal benefits of "Earthing"

Past life, past lives,


The power behind ancestral healing, connection & knowledge


Menstrual & Moon

Finding your flow means finding your magick

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The Craft

Spell work & Witchcraft


Spirit Animal

Discover & connect deeper with your spirit animal


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Discovering the Witch

I grew up in a strongly Christian family, but at the early age of just 7 years old, I knew I was different and my beliefs were connected elsewhere. I "came out" to my mother, who shockingly supported my beliefs and allowed me to practice on my own...little did I know, and not find out till over 20 years later...I was following in my deceased grandmothers footsteps!

This ancestral connection lead me down a path that gave me more understanding of myself, my powers, and the world around me.


Through this understanding of my body and Mother Earth and the powers within and throughout, I was able to cure an "incurable" pancreatitis within myself.


I have used my gifts to bring insight, healing, and guidance to tens of thousands of people around the world.

I have created a magickal life of my dreams through the knowledge I have learned both world wide, and from worlds from within.

Today I have put this collection of magick and knowledge into an ecourse for you, so that your life may bring connection, healing, growth, and of course magick, that it has brought me and my family!

This ecourse is not based on any religion, but on a way of life and connecting to the worlds around us and in us. Revealing to you, your natural born gifts, while reminding you of your ancient powers within!

Photographer credit | Shuttergram Portraits