Inside of a Castle

Become the King or Queen of your own story! Allow money to multiply and flow in abundance into your life with the power of hypnotherapy.

A nine (9) transformational session package &

bonuses included a LIVE 30 minutes session with Sarah!!!!

Start Date: 15th October 2021

"Healing at a subconscious level for unstoppable success."


Your favorite ASMR now is being used in powerful healing and success techniques! Sarah's unique twist on ASMR, Hypnosis, and Spiritual healing has brought together a powerful trio to change your life.

Remove Blocks

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to get deep into your subconscious mind, removing blocks, creating change, and solidifying success.

Build Confidence

Audio and video affirmations can be listened to anywhere and at any time to boost your subconscious and conscious levels of confidence, motivation, and success.

Multiply Your Money

The Money Multiplier will draw money into your life as we shift the energy within and around you to attract more income and financial freedom.

spiritual life coach sarah labrie

Join in LIVE via Skype or Zoom for a personalized one on one 30 minute session with Sarah C LaBrie!

Live Sessions are limited. Be the first to book and save your spot!

The Money Manifester

ASMR Hypnosis for Success & Growth

6 Video & 3 Audio Sessions + Bonuses

Remove Conscious & Subconscious Blocks

Money Blocks

Self Worth Blocks

Past Life Blocks


Affirmations for Success & Healing

I am Successful & Growing

I am Worthy of Success

I am Confident


Success & Growth

Healing & Awakening Inner Growth

Constant Success & Growth

Lock in Your Success


1 on 1 Live Session with Sarah

The Money Manifester Printable Journal

5 Hour Loop Affirmations Audio