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Welcome Witches!

I am so thrilled to have you here today! Expanding your knowledge of self and magick!
Before we begin, I want to encourge you to go out and buy a journal and new pen/pencil. Start writing down notes that you connect with in this workshop, keep track of spells that come to you, rituals you dream about, and intentions you are seeking to put out into the Universe! Later in this ecourse, you will discover the reasons of why keeping a journal is so important!

Again, welcome! Enjoy.

~ Sarah C LaBrie





Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to contact with the Earth's surface electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems, some of them patented, that transfer the energy from the ground into the body.

Research also shows that walking barefoot on grass helps to decrease stress level by 62 percent.

To put it briefly, when your bare feet or skin comes in contact with the earth, free electrons are taken up into the body.


These electrons could be referred to as nature's biggest antioxidants and help neutralize damaging excess free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body.


As a child, I grew up living in the mountains in Vermont. My 2 younger brothers and I were home schooled and spent most of our time outdoors, running through the thick forest, climbing trees, exploring caves, and so on. The majority of the time (unless there was snow), we would be barefoot.

Now as kids, we never understood what we were doing or that it mattered to be connected to the earth the way we were, but looking back now, I see the powerful impact it had on our lives.

We were never sick. Even when flu and colds were being passed around town like a hot potato, we would rarely catch anything, and if by some chance we did, it never lasted more than a day.

We were super happy and always full of energy.

We had very "unique" spiritual gifts. Some of mine were;

  • I was able to hear thoughts

  • I was able to tell something was going to happen before it did (even as little as the phone ringing and who it was going to be)

  • I was able to see energies and spirits that were around us

  • I was able to manipulate energy, moving it and forming it the way I wanted

  • I was able to manifest exactly what I wanted....all the time

Because of the life we lived, this was a normal thing for us, and it wasn't until I was much older..and began conforming to society...and wearing shoes...that these gifts slowly began to disappear.

It has since, taken me many years to get even a fraction of these gifts back, with (re)connecting to the Earth and (re)grounding myself.

What is Earthing?


Earthing (or Grounding) is focus on our 1st chakra, the "Root" chakra, it is also (re)connection to Mother Earth through the soles of our bare feet.

Here is a powerful and informative video on the benefits (and science) behind grounding/earthing.

How Can You Earth?


There are many ways to Earth.

The easiest and most effective, is GET OUTSIDE....barefoot!

Even if it is just 5 minutes a day, do your best to make that connection to the Earth through the soles of your feet.

Some of my favorite things to do if I have the time, is go to be beach (obviously) barefoot.

I will easily spend all day at the beach, as often as I can (we live on the gulf coast in Florida!) or hiking barefoot, if we can make it to the mountains somewhere! 

Don't be afraid to get your feet dirty...or build some calluses!

I will go everywhere I can possibly get away with, without wearing shoes!

Here are the (lack of) laws against going barefoot! Know your rights!



You can also ground through meditation and focus on healing and strengthening your root chakra. There are many videos on YouTube that are great guides, if you need help with this.

You can also carry grounding stones with you. Typically anything dark and earthy (or red...root chakra) in color.

Practice this daily and see your mood, energy, and health begin to rise!


Do not take the simple things around us...like the nature bare of the Earth, for granted.

(re)Connect and SEE & FEEL the changes it will make in your life!

More Than Physical


Grounding or Earthing has more than just physical benefits.


It also allows for higher vibrations to be set and deeper meditation.

There was a large time span where I was VERY obsessed with "meditation" and I just wanted to get as high as I possibly could into the vibrations of the worlds around me. But my efforts always fell short. No matter how many hours a day I would sit and meditate, no matter what methods I used, I just couldn't not get to my goals, so I would but they would quickly fall away.

I couldn't figure it out.

Finally one day, I was talking to a Yogi and he told me, 

"A tree can only grow as tall as it's roots are deep"

...and I had NO roots set.

I was like a straw of grass, standing on one end and being blown over in the wind. I had no stability, so strength to get into the higher vibrations and STAY there.

It felt so backwards to me, for a while, until I finally started to see it work.

Not only was I able to reach higher vibrations, but stability was showing in my physical life as well....steady income...steady positive routines...peace of being rooted (for a gypsy heart, this was not an easy task).

I finally started seeing and feeling the changes I wanted and this time, they were staying!





You are the product of a thousand loves.

Connecting to your ancestors is the most powerful tool you can possess.

In this section, you will learn how to connect to your ancesters and ancestral guides.

Learn to possess the power of generations before you.

Discover who you are at your soul core.


Connect even deeper with an 
Ancestral Psychic Reading

and connect with your guides today.


Have you ever felt connected to a certain era or region of the world? Even if you've never personally been there (in this life)?

For many years, really as far back as I can even remember, I have had memories and reocurring dreams of a past life. For the majority of my lifetime, these memories were untouchable. I didn't fully understand that there was such a powerful connection to this past life and this current life. I didn't realize that these memories were my ancestors calling...screaming to me to listen and wake up.

These memories were of a lifetime in the Victorian era of Northern England. These memories and connection to the Victorian era, gave me a life long obsessed and love for all things...yes you've guessed it, Victorian! I collected my grandmothers items, I have a collection of books over 100 years old. I loved all things lace and old. Some of my friends would say I was an old lady in a young woman's body.

I dressed on a daily basis in long skirts and corsets, and no matter where in the USA I moved, I never felt at home.

My memory of this life was crystal clear, like I had lived it just yesterday. I wrote about it in several journals and never really expected I've ever find a real connection.

My Past Life Memory

I was young, maybe my early 20s and it was late. I walked out of a stone built pub with another woman, who I beleive was my sister. We should never have been in a pub, especially so late at night. I do not remember the reason for our being there, but I remembering walking out. The amber glow of lanters lighting the cobblestone road. A river ran behind the pub and just up the street was a bridge with large arches underneath. 

You can read more about this experience in my blog here 

Anyway, to sum it up. I made a friend in England and we spoke daily online. I told him of this memory and began to describe in perfect detail everything I remembered. Then there was silence...he was in shock! He could not beleive that I was describing in perfect detail, a pub that he would go to on a regular basis, in York, North Yorkshire, England. 

He sent me a picture of the pub now and a picture of the pub before additions were made to it. I was floored. It was the exact pub that I had been dreaming about and remembering in such detail, my entire life!

Shortly after this, I had sent in my DNA for testing and when it finally came back, it showed over 80% English/Scottish/Irish.

A week later I booked a flight to the UK and walked down the very streets that I did in the 1800s.

This walk opened a floodgate for me. A connection to not only my past self, but also to my ancestors. And like a whirwind, they started to speak to me. I started to feel like myself, for the first time in my life. My gifts began to bloom like never before!

I spent the next 6 months in Enland. Never in my life did I feel more at home! I followed my ancestral path and discovered my own family graveyard in Thwing, a small town south of Scarborough. In this graveyard, I found creepy connections. Not only were they my mother's family last name, but the names on the gravestones, were of myself, my uncle, my grandmother, and other family memebers still living. Not even knowing it, we carried on the family names.

It was in this moment that I realized the importance of ancestral connection.

Past Life Connection


When we think about having a past life, we tend to think they are not connected. But they are.

Our past lives mirror so much of our current lives. Sometimes, in such close connection that we can even relive within the SAME bloodline!

Sounds like some crazy scene from the Netflix series "Dark". Haha!

There are several ways to connect with a past life. First, you can connect to your ancestral guides. This connection will help awaken parts of you to know where to begin (or continue) to dig deep! Here is a guided meditation that I've written and recorded to help guide you into the presence and connection of your ancestral guides. Take a moment to listen. Write down everything you experience, in a journal to remember. Feel free to listen as many times as you'd like.

Another great way to connect with your past life, is through a psychic past life reading! This gives you a personal and detailed look into a life you once lived, and how it connects with you today!

Get a Past Life Psychic Reading! https://www.spirituallifecoachsarah.com/product-page/past-life-psychic-reading

Who are the Ancestors?


When we think of our ancestors we typically think of our family blood line. This can tend to be the strongest connection with you, but doesn't have to be, as there are other ways to connect with ancestors.

A blood ancestor is someone in your family tree. Someone you are blood related to.

  • For example. My story of connecting with my blood relatives in England and that heavy draw I have to that culture and area. My grandmothers that I feel deeply connected with and my Scottish royal bloodline that I feel a deep part of.

  • Who are your blood ancestors?

  • Which ones do you feel the most connected to?

An affinity ancestor is someone or a culture you feel connected to even if you have no blood connections.

  • For example. My mother, who is Swedish, has no blood connections to Mexico, though she has always been drawn to the people and culture. To the point that she moved to Mexico because that is where she felt the most at home. One reason for this is because she lived a past life as an Aztec. This love for her past culture, seeped heavily into this life.

  • Do you feel a connection to a certain location/culture that you are not blood related to?

  • Which location/culture?

A lineage ancestor is someone you are connected to through ritual, marriage, or adoption.

  • For example. The ancestors of your partner or adoptive parents, may call to you and guide you.

  • Do you have a binding connection that calls to you?

  • Where does this connection come from?

Deities/Spirits/Saints are guides that call to your soul. Deities/Spirits/Saints that you feel drawn to connect with in ritual or prayer. These guide you on your higher path. These may be guides that your ancestors have worshipped through religion, cult, or practice. Or they are guides that only you connect with.

  • For example. Perhaps you were raised a witch, following the deities of Norse paganism, but your ancestors were Catholic, and the Archangel Michael, has always called to you.

  • Which Deities/Spirits/Saints call to you?

  • Is there an ancestral connection with this guides?

These are important questions to ask yourself and look into. If you haven't done these yet, I highly suggest you do, and write them down in your journal! Get to know your ancestral guides. Connect with them.

When I was very little, my "Grandma Kate" would rarely come to visit. But when she did, I was always drawn to certain rings that she wore. I remember these rings more than any other memory of her. When I was 8, she passed away.

On my 18th birthday, my mother gifted me one of the rings, that I was "obsessed" with as a child. My grandmother said I called it "the frog ring". It is a beautful vintage peice of dark jade. Ive worn this ring every day since, never taking it off. This ring makes me feel so connected to my grandmother, even though I really didn't know her that well.

Much later in life, in my early 30s, I discovered that she was also a witch...! No wonder I always felt such a strong connection to her! And her energy flows through me and guides me with magic, every day that I wear her ring.

Sometimes we are drawn to things or people, and may not even know why until much later, but when you do discover the connections it will blow you away.

Another grandmother I am deeply connected to. She is the start of my Viking heritage, a culture that I've always felt deeply connected with. I never personally met but I hold a picture of her on my altar.

You can create your own alter by placing images or objects of the ancestors that you feel the most connected to. Place a white candle on the altar and light it daily, or on holidays, or special occasions. Whatever you feel drawn to.

On my altar, I have 2 very small glass bowls. One placed at both images of my grandmothers. Each morning I pour them coffee and I drink coffee with them to welcome their energy into my life each passing day.
My son (6 years old now), also has an alter of his own. He places stones from our travels around the world, a toy viking ship to honor his Viking ancestors, crafts he made of Odin (his favorite deity), and shells from Mexico, honoring his other heritage, and other fun crafts that connect him to nature, the elements, and guides.

Below are a few images of some altars we have had over the years.

Make your altar personal & fun. There is no wrong way to create this space!

Ancestor altar

Ancestor Altar

Create an altar space to connect with your ancestral guides.

  • Sip their favourite beverage.

  • Place a bouquet of their favourite flowers.

  • Play music from their era.

  • Eat an authentic meal from their era and location.

Make it personal. Make it powerful.

Use this space to connect with your ancestral guides. Talk to them daily, as if they were sitting with you in your home right now.

Ancestor Connection


Since we are children, we are often asked "what do you want to be when you grow up", or "who are you", or "who do you want to be"?

We are conditioned to think that our entire exsistance is based on this life only. But th reality is that is goes so much deeper than that.

When we discover our roots, we discover who we are at the core.

Growing up, my immediate family was very strict Christians. Anything other than those beliefs, were considered evil. So imagin how I felt as a 5 year old, thinking I was a witch and medling in magick from such a young age. For my whole life, I knew who I was at the core, but my surroundings made me supress it. Psychic and spiritual gifts that I had, began to fade and the older I got, the more I lost myself.

Little did I know at the time, that my very close relatives were Viking (Pagan) and Native American ancestors. People of the Earth. People who listened to the whispers of spirits. People who connected with magick. The more I began to dive into my ancestry, the more I finally began to feel like myself. 

This powerful guided meditation will guide you through a relaxing vision of the forest, to a warm fire, where you will write, burn, and release things that have been holding you back. After these releases, 3 figures will come to you in the forest...your guides and your ancestors. Meet them face to face and celebrate with them as you dance a victorious dance, hand in hand around the fire.

Relaxing music and native american drumming to take you deep into a relaxed and hypnotic state.

This audio session is for;

Release of things holding you back (Pain, Anxiety, Doubt...etc).

Menstrual & Moon


Menstrual & Moon


Women are often raised supressing the knowledge of their moon cycles. We are brought up believing we are dirty and weak during these times. But what is the truth? The truth, not writen by a man but by woman fully embodied in their power, their cycles, their wisdom?

Learn how truly powerful your menstrual and moon cycles are.

How to connect with your body during these times.

And the power that this sacred blood possesses.

No longer dread this time of the month.



I was one of those women who dreaded "that time of the month".

I was ashamed of it.

I was embarrassed by it.

And with the pain that accomanied it, I was afraid of it.

My cycle was always irregular, often lasting more than a week, and putting me in so much pain that I'd be curled in a ball for days.

I. Was. Miserable.

I did the normal thing as a young girl, and was put on birth control pills to help regulate my cycles, but this brought another set of it's own problems with it. I just could never seem to win and I had no idea what to even try, since the topic was so taboo to even talk about.

It wasn't until I became pregnant with my 3rd child (my second pregnancy while on birth control), that I said F*CK IT! I was so angry at the system. So angry that these hormones I was filling my body with, were destroying me, inside and out. I tried EVERY brand, even the hormone free IUD (which I ended up being allergic to)...and NOTHING worked! My mood swings were horrible, I my sleep patterns were way off, My appetite was off, not part of me felt normal, or healthy. So during my pregnancy, I decided it was time to cleanse my body, and that I would never go back to that agian.

8 months later I gave birth to my handsome littlest Viking and right away I decided I was going to somehow embrace this monthly cycle of mine.

I hadn't read any books yet, I hadn't found anyone comfortable enough to talk with me about it, so I was going in blindly. But even blind, this new adventure changed my life!

I started simple. Charting and journaling my cycle...the FULL month, just just the one week. I took note of my emotions, how my body felt, etc, and wrote it down. I felt like my body had been SCREAMING for attention all along. The moment I started paying attention, I began to regulate. Pain subsided 100%. And as my mwnstrual cycle took its own shape in my life, I noticed it's own alignment with the phases of the moon. 

As I was paying more attention to my body and mind, each passing day, I also noticed something I never expected. As my cycle came nearer, I began to feel more powerful. The week of my menstrual cycle, I felt like a freaking Goddess, ready to conquer the world! How on Earth was I allowing this feeling to be supressed before? I had been so conditioned to feel shame and weak during my cycle, that I was 100% supressed the true feelings of power and manifestation that was building within me.

I started to explore these feelings and experiment with testing this power. I started to manifest things during this week of the month, and let me tell you...these manifestations came into my life nearly instantly! I was mind blown.

No wonder men and religion had supressed this time for us women. Because it is the most powerful time for us...and we are gifted with this treasure every single month!

Now, please keep in mind that I still feel new to this adventure. I spent 3 years diving into this adventure on my own, and another 3 years digger deeper with teachers, books etc. I am by no means an expert on this topic but my goal here is to ignight that fire within you to rediscover for yourself, the power that your womanly body possesses each month, and to encourage you to find books, talk to other woman, and reach out to people who can shed more light on this topic for you. The subjects I will discuss are only ones I have personally experienced to help get you on your way of exploring your moon cycle power!

Connect With Your Cycle


I went out and I bought myself a cute journal and a new pen. To REALLY make it fun, try to find one of the same sacred red color, as the blood. Maybe a journal with red roses or flowers on it. Or a red sunset. Whatever you feel the most drawn to.

Next, we begin to chart what day of our cycle we are on. Cycle dates start "1" on the first day of your period.

So in your journal Start with "Day 1" and begin to take notes. You can note the current phase of the moon. The emotions you feel that day, the sleep you got, your energy levels, etc. Anything that sticks out to you the most. You can also, if you wish, add some affirmations for that day.

For example;

"Today, on cycle day 1, I full by body with love and balance. I feel the power flow through and out of me and I am thankful." 

What we are doing with this journaling is getting to know the body again. Awknowledging your cycle and paying attention to what your body is telling you. Maybe on everything 7th day, you are exhausted and irritable. So as you begin to be aware of this day, you can start to plan a "nothing" day on everything "7th" day. A day of rest. Pampering. Naps & baths. Or maybe on everything "12th" day you have a ton of energy, so you can plan those days to get the most work done, or start a new project, etc.

Once you start seeing that your body moves in cycles, you will quickly realize...you've been pushing yourself. Pushing yourself to live in this masculine "straight line" world. The work, work, work...never rest, mindset. But that is NOT how a woman's body functions. We,like the moon, or the seasons, work in cycles. And there is NOTHING wrong with that! Once we begin to embrace those cycles, everything around us will begin to flow without resistance!

Think of it like this.

On the masculine line, you are taught to just push through...never stop, work, work, work. But that makes you exhausted. It depletes the mind of creativity. So sure, maybe you push that train along the track at a steady pace...but it is slow moving and often stuck.

But if you move with your cycles and rest when you need rest, and use your creative juices when you feel creative, and run and conquer the world when you feel confident...you can move mountains! With less effort and more success!

So ontop of this amazing success and flow you will begin to see in your life, you will also start to feel physical changes in your body!

I went from HATING my upcoming period because I would be doubled over in pain...to looking forward to it and exicted, full of energy when it comes, and just al in my power!

Now Im sad when it ends each month! Hahaha.

There is SO much power in just stepping back and bringing focus back into YOU.

The Power of Blood


Blood has been used in ritual and practice, since the beginning of time.

For thousands of years, it was drank in ceremony, or painted on the skin in battle and even in wedding ceremonies.

In the 1500's Elizabeth Báthory "Lady of Blood", a Countess in Hugary, killed over 650 young girls, and bathed and wore their blood to keep her youth. She would wear the blood like make up, or just bathe in a bath full of it.

Of course this a a gresome story, but just goes to show, this isn't some new "fad", but such a sought after practice, that some people would go to unimaginable depts, to find the power and beauty within sacred blood.

Most blood magic was through the cutting of an animal, person, or self. Not always in a gresome way, sometimes just a drop was needed. But there is an even more powerful and less painful way to collect this powerful blood.

Blood is our life source, it pumps the nutrients and oxygen through our bodies that gives us energy to go through life. Woman in ancient times were seen as powerful as they had their moon cycle as we were life givers, and of course there is blood as a woman gives birth. And of course our blood is our blue print to life and our ancestors.

Before the uplift of the patriarch in our world woman were once worshipped and respected for the way they gave birth to life. So in this part ladies I’m going to ask you to give free reign to your intuition and reclaim your power.

(interesting fact: in times of old males would make a small cut between their legs to make it look like they bleed like a woman to feel like they were life givers too)

Ok my Sister Goddesses let’s start

There are any ways menstrual blood can be use in our craft, the realm of magic (energy) is vast and has many depths, so those that practice should take time to learn the many ways.

Some have misled us ladies to think when we are having a moon cycle to rest up from our magical practice, so wrong. Just because a side effect of the moon cycle can make us moody, lazy, etc, does not mean it is a time to sit back and be unproductive, (not unless you want to).

The truth is we can create, grow and manifest things into the material and mundane world.

When our body is in its moon cycle we can draw onto an internal power (not our life force energy), our body is expelling what is not needed so gives birth to spiritual energy, not the body.

We all feel our connection to the ebb and flow of the tides as the true moon goes through her cycle, no matter where we are in our own.

Is it safe to use our moon cycle for magic

The use of our moon blood in our craft requires no sacrifice (this meaning a pin prick to the finger, ouch) it is collected with no damage to us.

Moon blood had the same power as all other blood, so there is no reason to shun, shame or hide from it, instead bring forth your own power.

It is not for me to tell you how to use this power, you have your ethical code to follow.

Moon blood is used in spell-work that has to do will, sexual attraction, love, domination, fertility – including growth, healing, reincarnation, attraction.

So while I will cover what blood can be used for in our craft soon, I will just add here that you can also use moon blood in a mix with water on your plants. This will help them grow strong with a deep connection to you, as you will give energy to the plan and it will send energy to you.

Now how to use blood in our craft

Now that I have gone over safety in the use blood in magic, and hope you all understand, let’s talk about how you might put it to use. There are countless ways, actually limited ways to use blood in our magic. But here are a few ideas to get you started.

In candle magic, mix blood drops with oil to dress and charge your candle. My way of this is if I’m drawing something towards me I go from top to bottom, if I am banishing something from me bottom to top. Again I know what books say about dressing candles, but this is what I know. And when making candles I have added blood to wax as well, but these candles are for my own use, no one else’s.

Use a small drop or two to anoint and charge any talisman or amulet. Using blood this way I look at what the talisman/ amulet is made from as my way of sealing the blood magic into object is by running it through a flame of fire.

We have also made salt dough and added blood to mix when needed.

You can also anoint your tools with oil and blood mix

Add a drop of blood to your magical ink, to empower the blend for your work

Add to loose incense let dry before burning

In jar or container magic, add a few drops of blood to the container. Then add whatever else is needed, then seal jar (please do not reuse the jar in using blood in it)

In petition magic, smear some blood on the paper the petition is written on. With this I think it depends on what you are doing and how you practice, I mainly burn mine, yet at times have placed it in the ocean or river holding paper till it disappears, I then hold unto paper until it manifests. Again practice in your own way as its your path.

Place a drop of blood in a mojo bag before tying it up. To me this helps activates the energy that manifest out need faster.

These are just a few things blood can be used in with our craft, there are many more, but that is for you to find out is you decide to add blood magic to your knowledge of the craft

Alternatives to Blood

There are other things we can use in our craft though there not as powerful as blood, they are just things you can use to personalize your spells and give it a boost: urine, saliva, semen, nail and hair clippings, for example. These are all effective options that will lend power to minor workings, or workings when blood magic wouldn't be appropriate or advised.

When you're first learning magic, it's advised that you work with these first before graduating on to blood. Take some time, experiment with these things. You'll begin to get a sense of how much putting 'part of yourself' into a spell affects your magic.

Once again, nothing is inherently good or bad in Blood Magic—it all depends on how you choose to utilize it. So practice ‘safe magic’ and you'll do fine, best to say remember your ethics.

I want to add this for those starting this path or old to it and may need a reminder, any magic cast with part of your essence in it leaves behind an energy trail, so be careful who you cast against and why, as if returned to you it can be much worse. And energy beings can easily trace this.


Great source of information: https://aminoapps.com/c/pagans-witches/page/item/safety-in-blood-magic/D851_aW6sNIobpVnGeQ7jVr8PrXdXEJRan?fbclid=IwAR08TLz9mbL24hseVdA4hizDZvyzJr_ah84U9eabxNBmXlQMy5M4URxcZL8

Great Books to Read


The Craft

learn real magic_edited.jpg

The Craft


Witchcraft has been around since the beginning of time. But is it really as mystical as we think it is? Or is it just a deeper connection and understanding to energy and the world around and within us?

In this lesson, you will learn how to create magic spells that you can use on a daily basis.

Rediscover the connection you have to Mother Earth and the spirits in, between, and beyond our realms.

Magic is just creating something that others do not yet understand.



Finding Your Deities


First off. You Don't NEED to follow a deity, to be a witch! Maybe you are drawn to one, maybe 10, maybe zero....whichever feels right to you, is 100% perfect! 

Deities have been followed in every religion and every practice and every culture around the world since the beginning of time. Those their names vary depenidng on culture, location, etc...they are often the same.

For example;

The Rain God

African mythology


North America

South America

Filipino mythologies

  • Oden - Bugkalot mythology

  • Apo Tudo - Ilocano mythology

  • Anitun Tauo - Sambal mythology

  • Anitun Tabu - Tagalog mythology

  • Bulan-hari - Tagalog mythology

  • Santonilyo - Bisaya mythology

  • Diwata Kat Sidpan - Tagbanwa mythology

  • Diwata Kat Libatan - Tagbanwa mythology

  • Diwata na Magbabaya - Bukidnon mythology

  • Tagbanua - Manobo mythology

  • Pamulak Manobo - Bagobo mythology

Hindu mythology

Middle Eastern mythology

Tibetan mythology

Greek mythology

  • Hyades, nymphs that bring rain

  • Zeus, god of rain, thunder, and lightning

Lithuanian mythology

  • Blizgulis, god of snow

Norse Mythology

  • Freyr, Norse god of rain, sunshine, summer and fertility

Slavic mythology

  • Dodola, goddess of rain

  • Dudumitsa, Bulgarian goddess of rain

Hawaiian mythology

Australian Aboriginal Dreaming

Gods and Goddesses of the elements and the world around us, have always been prayed to, worshiped, and celebrated. This is not just a "Pagan" or "Wiccan" idea or way of belief, but an ancient belief in the power of all living and non living things. No matter what culture you are drawn to...you will find deities within it.

For me, finding my deities was probably the hardest part of my journey. I was aware I was a witch, at the age of 7. I began practicing my journey right away, following through ancestral memory. Though I always felt the magic within me, I never felt though I felt drawn to a certain god or goddess. This literally took me nearly 30 years to figure out!


So don't rush your process!

About a year ago, I really started to want to feel a connection to a god or goddess. I've always followed more of the Celtic and Norse paths, so I've always been aware of different deities, but none really jumped out at me...or so I thought. About a year ago, I realized that they were always there...I just wasn't paying enough attention.

As a child, certain characters always stuck out to me. Any creature man/animal. A man with antler or horns, like Puck from Midsummer Night's Eve. I never really thought much of this until I began to learn about Herne The Hunter aka Cernunnos. This deitiy immediately stuck out to me! Upon learning about him, I began to find lots of connections within myself. Things I've always loved and been drawn to, were parts of him and things he stood for.

Another deitiy I feel deeply connected with is Hekate. She feels like me. She feels like my grandmother. Everything about her, connects with me.

I also sometimes try to follow the Norse gods and goddess because that is ancestral to me, but it is not always needed to follow your ancestral deities.

Really the best thing you can do, is research different deities and see if any jump out to you. Sometimes it's as simple as that!

Another fun way to find your deities is through nature. Every plant, element, every landscape (ocean, mountains, etc) have dieities that associate with them.

For example:

Some of my favorite plants are;

Ferns - Puck

Lilacs - Pan

Lavender - Cernunnos & Hekate

Now these plants have ALWAYS been favorites of mine! And how interesting that they all have horned associated deities, and also Hekate!

So our deities are never far from us. Sometimes we just need to look deeper at the things we already love.

Botanical Witchery

I LOVE herbal folklore and wanted an easy way for people to find their favorite flowers, herbs, and trees to see the magic that is behind each plant!