Meet your sister Witch
Sarah C LaBrie


Four months trapped inside during quarantine had me going crazy! My connection to nature was screaming my name and my yearning to be outside was overwhelmingly suppressed.

So to find my magic and reconnect to nature in any way I could, I created these beautiful sets of cards for you and your children!

Find magic in the world once again!

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We appreciate your love and support when buying from our small shop.
When you support us, you are not only supporting us physically, but also our dreams and goals!
Each item we create, is made TOGETHER and with LOVE.
We strive to put our magic in each project created, so we can spread and share that love and star dust in your own homes.
When you purchase the Botanical Witchery items or Forest Wildlife Treasure Hunt cards for kids, you are allowing us the freedom and space to continue to create magic for you and your family!
Thank you
Sarah & Ayden

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